Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

show me by mint royale

sonia showed me this video awhile ago and i just finally found the album so i've been listening to this song over and over. normally i don't like home-made music videos but this is just so well done and fun that i have to post it!

p.s. tribe leader is cute, eh?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

jamaica, early 90s (first version)

i wish i could paint for you
my entire childhood in sunny tones:

red star apples with pink insides
and seeds in each juicy arm

green turning to creamy yellow
pulling down the plaintains

black, razor-sharp coral
how jr walked so easily on it

burnt orange rusted-out mustang
through the holes the pavement whizzes by

brown, thick tree roots
struggling against coral underground

pink, bursting with yellow
black seed in the middle

i wish i could describe for you
the sunlight filtering through the trees
and maybe my childhood happiness
would rush back to me

Thursday, June 18, 2009


an open letter to fruit flies

dear fruit flies,
my roommates and i would really appreciate it if you would just fuck off.
me, on the behalf of myself, joey and the other sarah

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

rough draft: visiting downtown for dinner

glistening wet pavement
thick, moving slightly underfoot.
scrape shoes on the dry cement after
the smoking barflies complain about the city.

freezing cold breeze
thin, silk skirt letting up a draft.
stopping traffic, men comment, hair askew
each bench assures safety, relatively unnoticed anymore.

tired faded pages
slowly, absorbing every word.
this time, concentration interrupted by passerby
a man with a dog and a strong love for ginger hair.

short text message
finally, he's being let out.
waiting on a bench across from the office
jumping from one to another - a new text - "late!"

big bike race
whistling, they whoop and wave.
they pass 3 times during the wait
impatience for the officer is growing steadily.

tall shaggy boy
uniformed, he lights up.
the big bike passes yet again
he grabs and kisses passionately, like an old movie.

passionately they whistle, whoop and wave.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

pacovolume 'cookie monster' video

this video by discograph is fantastic! it combines stop motion animation with actual footage.

PACOVOLUME "CookieMachine" from discograph on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


i've moved again. this time to a house that's smaller in some ways. new roommates, others have gone onto their own thing. i miss them terribly.

i'm still not unpacked as i don't have a closet so i need to buy a wardrobe from ikea or something.

champagne glasses are 99 cents each at liquidation world on grand marais, will buy a few for sonia and i's champagne night, whenever that may be.

it's too chilly for may.

i started a twitter, a new one. i can't log into my old one for some reason and it won't let me do the 'forgot password' thing. oh well. it's here. i wanted the username sarahlillian but it was taken already :/

this is such a boring entry, but i did it for tayler. happy? sonia, update yours.

Monday, April 13, 2009

macbook photoshoot

tayler wanted to see my outfit for today. i'm thinking i might take this post down after she sees them though.

collar detail:

peter pan collar blouse - forever21
shelf tank (underneath) - american eagle
jeans - forever21
braided jersey belt - american apparel

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

marc jacobs gem bobby pin

one of my most favourite things i've ever purchased has been a hairpin for roughly $4USD. but it's not just any hairpin - it's a marc jacobs hairpin! a gem attached to a bobby pin. it's incredible! and how do i know it's incredible? when males my age comment on it. guys never comment on shit like this. put something shiny in your hair and they are all about it.

anyway, i rarely wear this pin, as it's heavy and my hair is very fine and, pinning up curly hair in any way is kind of risky unless it's been slept on for about 3 days like mine was today. when i woke up, my hair was tame, but still maintained enough volume and definition for me to not write it off for the day.

anyway, let's get on with it. i incorporated into both daytime and evening styles.

i'm usually against asymmetrical hair on myself (on everyone else it's fine though) as due to the sheer volume of my hair i look psychotic. so, again, the slept-on hair plays a huge part in puling off the pin.

the second style is just a simple updo, though the base of it is closer to my neck than the crown of my head, so i'm calling it a downdo. again, my hair needs to be so tame for this to work. i used a stretched-out elastic because for some reason i am a moron and prefer those over new, tight ones. i pulled my hair back and low into a loose bun and used the pin to pull up the bun a's placed roughly on the high centre of the back of my head.


awful photo of the back lolz:

here's the pin on its own:

purchased at the marc by marc jacobs shop on bleecker in...2007 i think. i also bought soooo many other little cheap things, like marc totes ($11), a mj icon necklace ($10), silver compact heart-shaped mirror ($5) and many other things i can't remeber right now.

i'm going back to nyc at the end of april with alex and my tax return...! i've already started looking through the special items page on the marc jacobs site! i'm guesstimating at least $60USD will be spent on the little trinkets. i plan on giving a few people (das yew soniabb, das yew bbgurl!) these things as souvenirs - much better than tacky scale models of the empire state building, eh?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

spring cleaning

on monday, i woke up for the umpteenth time in a row with a stuffy nose. seeing as how i usually don't get colds, i determined my bout of nasal congestion to be caused by the wealth of dust in my room. i don't have allergies at all, but i would think any large amount of dust does some sort of damage to even the strongest of natural defenses. when i first moved in, i didn't have a chance to sweep before we set the heavy furniture in here, so i took it upon myself to grab the broom and dustpan and set about moving as much by myself as i could. i like to think i did an excellent job, cleaning out the large closet and moving the bed, dresser, wing-back armchair and nightstand. the only thing i couldn't move was the desk, as it is solid oak (?) and has a very large, old and heavy pc and printer on it. luckily i could sweep fairly easily around it.

at the end of my cleaning spree, i amassed a large pile of dust, threads, subscription card from nylon and even a beercap.

i'm not saying my room is messy; on the contrary, it's usually very, very neat and tiy, but i felt an actual sense of accomplishment upon completion.

while cleaning i first listened to some jonathan fire*eater, and then switched to the band that rose out of the ashes of jf*e, the walkmen.


jonathan fire*eater - give me daughters
the walkmen - wake up

Monday, March 02, 2009

new k-os single

let me say that i think k-os is underrated by everyone, including myself. i don't listen to him nearly as much as i should, which explains why i am months behind in keeping up with his new material.

k-os is one man, kevin brereton, a torontonian who's been active in the canadian hip-hop scene for over 15 years. his alias stands for 'knowledge of self,' and he genre-jumps and mixes rap, funk, rock and reggae. he is known to be critical of mainstream hip-hop's glorification of violence, money and fame. whenever i think of k-os, i think of a line from a streets song: around here we say birds, not bitches.

this march sees the release of k-os' fourth full-length album, yes!, and with it the awesome new single '4 3 2 1' (released in december 2008). the video is so good. SO GOOD!

k-os official website
k-os wikipedia

Monday, February 16, 2009

i'm on a boat

ok, the guys from the lonely island are hilarious, and now they've released an album. they've been making the digital shorts on saturday night live (the most popular ones being 'lazy sunday' and 'dick in a box') and managed to get some pretty cool musicians to collaborate with them on their new album, such as julian casablancas of the strokes, t-pain, jack black, natalie portman and others.

here is what i would guess is the first single off that album. it's incredible. my friends and i are obsessed with this song. some have even taken to texting each other some of the lyrics when they're bored...

the lonely island wiki
the lonely island youtube channel

Friday, February 06, 2009


recently, the album spirit of apollo by n.a.s.a. (north america south america) was leaked. i downloaded it and loved it! n.a.s.a. is a collaboration effort of many different musicians spanning different genres spearheaded by sam spiegel (squeak e. clean) and ze gonzales (dj zegon); including m.i.a., tom waits, method man, george clinton, the cool kids and one of my personal heroes, david byrne (former lead singer of talking heads).

below i've made a playlist of three very good songs to give a sampling of the work n.a.s.a. does.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the seed

the seed is a short film by johnny kelly illustrating the life of an apple seed utilizing stop-motion papercraft and 2d animation.

view the video here.
view the 'making of' here.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

date with ikea

tonight i'm spending some time on the ikea site. right now, i have absolutely no money to spend on furniture, but it's always fun to look. everything looks so crisp, clean and modern. i imagine my future living room to have a black/white/grey-coloured furniture theme, with an accent colour like cyan blue, purple or kelly green. and dark hardwood floors.

i want to build an entire living room around this chair:

i have soo much to go through on this site.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

small thoughts

not big enough for their own posts:

-dumpy-looking ginger girls depress me
-the fact that dillon eats 'mechanically separated' chicken strips disturbs me
-when i went to the bank the other day there was a plaque on an office door of some bank manager named matthew fox, i thought this was hilar
-my room is either too hot when the window is closed, or too cold when the window is open. radiators suck
-i need to start doing project365. i feel like such a slacker, i gave up in june of last year. check out cristina's 365 blog and flickr
-i hate getting complained to about 'routine' - if only because the routine is so GOOD and we shouldn't mind that it IS routine
-i didn't know that microwaving leftover turkey was bad? it dried out
-i could really go for some asparagus right now

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i moved

happy new year.

i moved to windsor, roughly 25 minutes from my hometown. i live in a house by the university with 7 other people. i just got my internet earlier tonight thanks to my housemate mark.

it's another housemate's birthday, or rather, yesterday was. we're having a two-day party for jj: friday and saturday night. there'll be a keg, it'll be $10, so i'm considering just buying a few cans of creemore springs from the lcbo for like $8. dillon, being ever so clever, has come up with the idea of $10 for one night, or $15 for a 'weekend pass.'

i love this house, my friends, alex. i have seen him nearly every single day since i moved, and we're not sick of each other.

anyway my room is the biggest one in the house but it is also the most colourful, as it is a nearly blinding orange: