Monday, April 28, 2008

pictures of spring

aside from lillies, dutch crocuses might be my favourite flowers. i'm so jealous that it seems like everyone on my street has these growing in their gardens and on their grass unintentionally and we have none!

these are maple blossoms, i believe.

new growths between my driveway and the neighbour's.

it'll be a tulip, i think.

while i'm glad spring is here i still hate the unpredictable, slightly disappointing weather that can come with it. all last week was in the upper 70s but this week will drop down to the 40s and 50s.

so that makes my desire for summer to come intensify.

a sunny day in glasgow - best summer ever

follow the link to the download page.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

spoon april 6 2008 mt. clemens, mi

i kind of forgot about this blog. i'll get better at this.

anyway, my friend joel and i (and eventually peggah and jessica showed up) went to mt. clemens, mi. to see white rabbits, the walkmen and spoon. this was basically my dream lineup, and getting in line early ensured the best spots: front and centre, right against the stage.

the venue itself (the emerald theatre) was just covered in camel cigarette ads and neon lights. this would never be allowed in ontario! i also hadn't been to a show in michigan in ages and wasn't used to everyone blowing smoke in my face. these weird hippie torontonians left because of the smoke i think. when joel and i were discussing a spoon album i pulled out my ipod to figure out which album it was and the hippie dude was really into the idea of going through the bands on it. no thanks, muddy mcgee.

anyway, there was no photography allowed, but i snuck my camera in. i couldn't get any decent shots in until spoon played, because for white rabbits and the walkmen the audience hadn't moved close enough together to offer me any crowd coverage to avoid the secutity 'spotters' posted at each end of the stage.

i was really, really impressed with white rabbits. i had heard of them last year but didn't really look into them until later on in 2007. they played at the siren fest at coney island, ny last summer but i missed them. i was at some other stage watching some other band i can't even remember.

i haven't seen the walkmen live since probably 2006. they played some new stuff, and surprised me with 'wake up.' some things never change though, like when walt plays the organ thing he looks like he's doing taxes and matt's drumming is still the same. but some things do change, like how none of hamilton's veins really popped out like they normally do, and paul maroon doesn't do his flirty little smiles anymore. still, they were good and i was pleased, very much so.

spoon. amazing. i was right infront of britt daniel which would have made for AWESOME photos if it were allowed.
britt daniel made eye contact with me (along with every other girl there) but i know ours was special, you guys! it was speciallll!
anyway, they played basically everything i wanted to hear ('i turn my camera on,' 'small stakes,' 'you got yr. cherry bomb,' and 'don't you evah'!) and (obviously) more. the crowd finally moved in closer to the stage and i would lean back occasionally and take photos really low. towards the end of the night when some of the white rabbits came out to clap along to 'the underdog' i almost got caught, but i like to think i covered it up quite smoothly: just pretended i was dancing and slipped the camera into my pocket.

some of the white rabbits came out for the encore song ('the underdog').

white rabbits - kid on my shoulders - fort nightly's awesome album opener.

the walkmen - this job is killing me - best song off of a hundred miles off.

spoon - don't you evah - great cover of 'don't you ever' by the brilliant, amazing, awesome natural history (both versions can be found on the don't you evah EP).

follow the links to the download page.

next week i'm seeing kate nash in detroit with angelica, and in may we're seeing M.I.A. at the fillmore.

i should also note that there's an SNL remembering chris farley special on NBC right now and it's come to mind that adam sandler was the jimmy fallon of the late 80s/early 90s, i.e. he laughed in every single sketch ever. the only difference is that adam sandler wasn't nearly as handsome, and jimmy fallon wasn't nearly as talented.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

be your own pet

i used to hate be your own pet. when i first saw them it was at the siren fest in coney island, ny, in the summer of...2006, i want to say? possibly 2005. either way, i hated it. i thought jemina pearl was insane and it actually made me uncomfortable that she would swear so much. isn't that weird?!

anyway i saw them again accidently, when they opened up for le tigre. slightly more annoying.

but, being a big believer in second, and in this case third, chances, i downloaded the song 'bicycle bicycle you are my bicycle' and that was the end of hate. i finally 'got' what they were doing and i have enjoyed them since.

my impression of what some music bloggers thought would happen is that they would mature and wouldn't have the same fun, loud, teen-punk element to them. but, while they have successfully matured as musicians, lyrically it's like they never changed. and i like that. sometimes you just want something that you know will be constant.

what's disappointing is that they signed with universal and without asking them, the label took three songs off without asking them because they were deemed 'too violent.' which is too bad, because one of the songs, 'becky,' is becoming one of my favourites.

"When I found out that the songs were going to get taken off, I was just like, 'Is there anybody I can talk to?' " Pearl said. "It's like, I don't even really know who these people are. There's no one you can talk to to try to argue your case. Other than that, Universal has been great. But I guess that's just what happens when you decide to have something to do with a major label. They're going to be scared of anything that's not completely cookie cutter."

Pearl paused to take a breath. "I also feel like it's a good thing to have an outlet," she continued. "Like, maybe I would be a very violent person if I didn't have the chance to sing about what I want to sing about and express things I want and it's definitely helped me from being a destructive person in my life. And I think tons of people relate to that, so it's kind of frustrating that they want to censor me or whatever."
(full story)

i've put the album up for download, but i've added the three rejected songs to the zip.

be your own pet - get awkward

01. super soaked
02. the kelly affair
03. twisted nerve
04. heart throb
05. bitches leave
06. bummer time
07. you're a waste
08. food fight!
09. zombie graveyard party!
10. what's your damage?
11. creepy crawl
12. the beast within

bonus tracks
01. black hole
02. becky
03. blow yr mind