Monday, February 16, 2009

i'm on a boat

ok, the guys from the lonely island are hilarious, and now they've released an album. they've been making the digital shorts on saturday night live (the most popular ones being 'lazy sunday' and 'dick in a box') and managed to get some pretty cool musicians to collaborate with them on their new album, such as julian casablancas of the strokes, t-pain, jack black, natalie portman and others.

here is what i would guess is the first single off that album. it's incredible. my friends and i are obsessed with this song. some have even taken to texting each other some of the lyrics when they're bored...

the lonely island wiki
the lonely island youtube channel

Friday, February 06, 2009


recently, the album spirit of apollo by n.a.s.a. (north america south america) was leaked. i downloaded it and loved it! n.a.s.a. is a collaboration effort of many different musicians spanning different genres spearheaded by sam spiegel (squeak e. clean) and ze gonzales (dj zegon); including m.i.a., tom waits, method man, george clinton, the cool kids and one of my personal heroes, david byrne (former lead singer of talking heads).

below i've made a playlist of three very good songs to give a sampling of the work n.a.s.a. does.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the seed

the seed is a short film by johnny kelly illustrating the life of an apple seed utilizing stop-motion papercraft and 2d animation.

view the video here.
view the 'making of' here.