Tuesday, October 21, 2008


my wonderful friend tayler sent me this via msn, and after rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (man, i wish there was a way to abbreviate that phrase) i looked in the corner and saw it was from cracked.com, internet home of cracked magazine. looks like they finally wrote something that made me lol.

remember to click the image to view it larger.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

if the world could vote...

found this interesting link the other day.

if the world could vote?

what you do is cast your vote for either obama or mccain in the american presidential election, and then you can view the results. there are votes from 193 countries, over 260,000 votes so far.

the results are very interesting, mainly the results from burkina faso, guatemala and macedonia. the results for iraq don't really surprise me.

i watched a bit of the debate lastnight. i was offended by john mccain during the abortion discussion. he kept using pro-abortion to describe pro-choice; these are not interchangeable terms. i felt him belligerent overall, but to be fair i didn't watch the whole debate (mainly because i forgot all about it earlier that night).

either way, i voted in our own canadian federal election on tuesday and while i wasn't pleased with the results i'm proud of the progress my party made. we gained 8 seats since the last election!

i voted NDP (new democratic party) because i can agree most with them (though they could use more than a little work on the economy issue). i think jack layton would be a good leader; he certainly has more charisma than the others (which i know isn't everything but if you look at trudeau it was instrumental in his success). i mean, layton's favourite movies are STAR WARS! come on! how cool is that?!