Thursday, March 12, 2009

spring cleaning

on monday, i woke up for the umpteenth time in a row with a stuffy nose. seeing as how i usually don't get colds, i determined my bout of nasal congestion to be caused by the wealth of dust in my room. i don't have allergies at all, but i would think any large amount of dust does some sort of damage to even the strongest of natural defenses. when i first moved in, i didn't have a chance to sweep before we set the heavy furniture in here, so i took it upon myself to grab the broom and dustpan and set about moving as much by myself as i could. i like to think i did an excellent job, cleaning out the large closet and moving the bed, dresser, wing-back armchair and nightstand. the only thing i couldn't move was the desk, as it is solid oak (?) and has a very large, old and heavy pc and printer on it. luckily i could sweep fairly easily around it.

at the end of my cleaning spree, i amassed a large pile of dust, threads, subscription card from nylon and even a beercap.

i'm not saying my room is messy; on the contrary, it's usually very, very neat and tiy, but i felt an actual sense of accomplishment upon completion.

while cleaning i first listened to some jonathan fire*eater, and then switched to the band that rose out of the ashes of jf*e, the walkmen.


jonathan fire*eater - give me daughters
the walkmen - wake up

Monday, March 02, 2009

new k-os single

let me say that i think k-os is underrated by everyone, including myself. i don't listen to him nearly as much as i should, which explains why i am months behind in keeping up with his new material.

k-os is one man, kevin brereton, a torontonian who's been active in the canadian hip-hop scene for over 15 years. his alias stands for 'knowledge of self,' and he genre-jumps and mixes rap, funk, rock and reggae. he is known to be critical of mainstream hip-hop's glorification of violence, money and fame. whenever i think of k-os, i think of a line from a streets song: around here we say birds, not bitches.

this march sees the release of k-os' fourth full-length album, yes!, and with it the awesome new single '4 3 2 1' (released in december 2008). the video is so good. SO GOOD!

k-os official website
k-os wikipedia