Friday, September 26, 2008

he is perfect

he brought me flowers at work, completely by surprise.


he is the best boyfriend ever.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

be your own pet broke up

so apparently i am over a month behind in this news. if i hadn't checked the written blurb about them when my lastfm module popped up the other day while i was listening to them i would have never figured it out (as you can tell i don't read too many music blogs).

here is the wikipedia stub on it:

On August 1, 2008, the band announced on their website that after finishing a small tour of England, they would be breaking up.[2] The band posted the following message on their website; "To all of our fans, we are sad to bring you the news that our upcoming shows in the UK are going to be our last as a band. We thank you for all your love and support these past few years. It's been a blast, but the time has come for the four of us to go our separate ways".[3] Jemina explained to NME why they broke up, She said that it wasn't really fun for them anymore, especially Jonas who was considering leaving the band. They didn't want to be in BYOP without Jonas, so they decided the best thing to do was to just call it a day. She also said that its better we split now 'while people still give a fuck' than drag it on and on when our hearts wern't in it anymore. She also quoted a Neil Young song (and Kurt Cobain's suicide note) when she said 'someone once said "its better to burn out than to fade away" and maybe thats what we're doing'. On the brightside though, she said that Jonas Stein and John Eatherly would continue in Turbo Fruits, Nathan Vasquez will sill be part of Deluxin and she was heading to Oslo and Norway to write songs for a Jemina Pearl solo record which she said would be 'a little more mature'.

i've written about BYOP before, actually expounded on my initial hatred of them and how i grew to appreciate them. while it's sad they're broken up i'm concerned about what kind of progress they could have made together anyway. soon they won't be bratty teenagers (hell, jemina is already 20) and that's mostly their charm anyway. you can't be 35 and singing about food fights, beating up 12 year-olds or killing your best friend for fun.

so RIP BYOP! i've included a link to the zipped self-titled debut full-length album at the end of this post.

photos/video from the june 5 show at st. andrew's hall, detroit, mi (i know the quality's terrible, my camera is dying):





official website
flickr album of june 5 performance
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01. thresher's flail
02. bunk trunk skunk
03. bicycle, bicycle, you are my bicycle
04. wildcat!
05. adventure
06. fuuuuuun
07. stairway to heaven
08. bog
09. girls on tv
10. we will vacation, you will be my parasol
11. let's get sandy (big problem)
12. october, first account
13. love your shotgun
14. fill my pill
15. ouch