Tuesday, June 10, 2008


lots of things going on, which is why the updates have been so minimal.

things in my life are changing and while i like it i'm also a little scared.

these things include:
-finally going to university
-moving out
-various social things

i have been meeting great people over the last little while, i really appreciate them and am cultivating many of these friendships. i'm looking forward to the people i will meet when in school -- it seems like the people i meet now who go to the uni share my opinions, tastes, etc. so i can't wait to meet people who would be in my major and such.

also, dimitri is suppose to come home soon for a visit and i am so excited. i need need need to speak to him about my life and the epic mini-failures i endure throughout.

some trips are coming up, they include:
-toronto this weekend to see french kicks, these new puritans, ted leo and the pharmacists, etc. and also to shop around and see one of my closest friends, max
-nyc in july! seeing ted leo again! seeing spoon! seeing friends!
-toronto again with some people to see avenue q and apparently black sabbath? haha.

i am getting really excited about everything, and it feels good. i'm getting out of this rut i have been in for far too long.

i should update more soon. since the last entry, i have seen M.I.A. and be your own pet. i took two videos of BYOP. few pictures of M.I.A. because of how far away we were and how tightly packed the crowd was.