Monday, April 13, 2009

macbook photoshoot

tayler wanted to see my outfit for today. i'm thinking i might take this post down after she sees them though.

collar detail:

peter pan collar blouse - forever21
shelf tank (underneath) - american eagle
jeans - forever21
braided jersey belt - american apparel

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

marc jacobs gem bobby pin

one of my most favourite things i've ever purchased has been a hairpin for roughly $4USD. but it's not just any hairpin - it's a marc jacobs hairpin! a gem attached to a bobby pin. it's incredible! and how do i know it's incredible? when males my age comment on it. guys never comment on shit like this. put something shiny in your hair and they are all about it.

anyway, i rarely wear this pin, as it's heavy and my hair is very fine and, pinning up curly hair in any way is kind of risky unless it's been slept on for about 3 days like mine was today. when i woke up, my hair was tame, but still maintained enough volume and definition for me to not write it off for the day.

anyway, let's get on with it. i incorporated into both daytime and evening styles.

i'm usually against asymmetrical hair on myself (on everyone else it's fine though) as due to the sheer volume of my hair i look psychotic. so, again, the slept-on hair plays a huge part in puling off the pin.

the second style is just a simple updo, though the base of it is closer to my neck than the crown of my head, so i'm calling it a downdo. again, my hair needs to be so tame for this to work. i used a stretched-out elastic because for some reason i am a moron and prefer those over new, tight ones. i pulled my hair back and low into a loose bun and used the pin to pull up the bun a's placed roughly on the high centre of the back of my head.


awful photo of the back lolz:

here's the pin on its own:

purchased at the marc by marc jacobs shop on bleecker in...2007 i think. i also bought soooo many other little cheap things, like marc totes ($11), a mj icon necklace ($10), silver compact heart-shaped mirror ($5) and many other things i can't remeber right now.

i'm going back to nyc at the end of april with alex and my tax return...! i've already started looking through the special items page on the marc jacobs site! i'm guesstimating at least $60USD will be spent on the little trinkets. i plan on giving a few people (das yew soniabb, das yew bbgurl!) these things as souvenirs - much better than tacky scale models of the empire state building, eh?