Wednesday, June 10, 2009

rough draft: visiting downtown for dinner

glistening wet pavement
thick, moving slightly underfoot.
scrape shoes on the dry cement after
the smoking barflies complain about the city.

freezing cold breeze
thin, silk skirt letting up a draft.
stopping traffic, men comment, hair askew
each bench assures safety, relatively unnoticed anymore.

tired faded pages
slowly, absorbing every word.
this time, concentration interrupted by passerby
a man with a dog and a strong love for ginger hair.

short text message
finally, he's being let out.
waiting on a bench across from the office
jumping from one to another - a new text - "late!"

big bike race
whistling, they whoop and wave.
they pass 3 times during the wait
impatience for the officer is growing steadily.

tall shaggy boy
uniformed, he lights up.
the big bike passes yet again
he grabs and kisses passionately, like an old movie.

passionately they whistle, whoop and wave.

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SoniaBlade said...

i love it when you write poems about me <3