Monday, March 24, 2008

sartorialist post

i think wes anderson is the only man in the world who can pull off a cordouroy suit!

i really like wes anderson; i haven't seen all his films but i have loved what i've seen. i like that he uses some of the same cast in each film (owen wilson, anjelica houston, etc.) and the atmosphere of his films -- they're set in the present, but have a very vintage feel to them. maybe it's the warm colours that seem to saturate the films.

the sartorialist is scott schurman, who goes around nyc, paris, london, milan, etc. and photographs street fashion and sometimes does spreads for magazines. his photos are beautiful -- not just the people and their clothes, but the locations -- he always meets these people in beautiful locations like parks, interesting city streets, etc. his photos are definently an inspiration and i wish i knew how he does it!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

genius with siq moves or the elusive hamilton hipster

i can't tell!

this guy from hamilton, ontario named mike long is dancing everyday for a year. he chooses a different song and dances in a different location each time (various places in hamilton, toronto and even in europe, such as sweden or berlin, etc.). i think he'll be finished in may of this year. he's got excellent taste in music, the first video i saw of his was along to 'heartbeats' by the knife, where he danced in sweden!

another video really caught my attention: he's just dancing away in some park in hamilton and a random cute girl joins in! he looks too surprised for her to be someone he knew. more than i've wanted world peace, global warming to stop or amy winehouse to complete a stint at rehab, i wanted mike long and random girl to fall in love. they're dancing to such an appropriate song, too! ('genius of love' by tom tom club):

here is the link to mike long's youtube channel where you can view all of the videos he's shot so far and other things, like his short comedic films, etc.

tomorrow my mission is to frost some cupcakes, do the dishes and make a mix for a friend to cheer her up.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

reason #45985 why summer needs to happen soon

so i can go outside and take more photos with my holga, and be inspired to use the duaflex as well.
i took this double-exposure last summer during the parade that opens up the fun fest. it's on main street, of my dad standing on the sidewalk then i took a photo of the flower bed on the sidewalk. my dad doesn't 'get it' and says he doesn't like this photo because he can't see himself properly!

i plan on modifying the holga this summer to be able to run 35mm through it. i'll have to count clicks to keep track of how many rotations the wheel needs to make to get to the next exposure (since holgas were made for medium-format film they can't properly convey the exposure).

more information on the holga:
official holga page on the lomography website.

a great site for holga modifications: square frog.

and tonnes of groups dedicated to holga and lomography (the original movement, which you can read about here) can be found when you search flickr for holga, lomography or any other combinations.

check out the holga, diana camera and the original lomo lc-a at the home of the lomographic society, along with events, users' 'lomohomes' and the shop here.


whenever i want to feel better (usually in the wintertime) i listen to this jens lekman song, 'a sweet summer's night on hammer hill.' it's quite possibly one of my favourite songs of all time. it's so sweet!

and a better-quality recorded version of this song (with swedish banter at the end!)
jens lekman - a sweet summer's night on hammer hill
(you have to go to the page first, sorry no direct download)

tomato soup

i'd like winter to end soon so i can stop drinking soup. it burns my throat and takes ages to cool. or, when it cools it cools too fast to drink it while it's nice and warm.

once, when we used to live out in the county (and i was very little) my dad made chicken noodle soup. aside from remembering that i hated the taste of it (and told him i preferred campbell's), i remember the chicken fat floating to the surface of the pot.

there's a style of illustration, used primarily in 50s comic books (maybe only MAD magazine?) called 'chicken fat' where in each panel is basically as many little visual gags the artist can fit in.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

françoise hardy

every woman in old photographs looks a little like my mother to me.
their hair.
or eyes.
françoise has the same healthy-looking dark brown hair, though a bit longer.
i don't know if my mum can sing, but i hope she would sound like françoise.

every woman is a little piece of what i imagine her to be.