Thursday, January 29, 2009

date with ikea

tonight i'm spending some time on the ikea site. right now, i have absolutely no money to spend on furniture, but it's always fun to look. everything looks so crisp, clean and modern. i imagine my future living room to have a black/white/grey-coloured furniture theme, with an accent colour like cyan blue, purple or kelly green. and dark hardwood floors.

i want to build an entire living room around this chair:

i have soo much to go through on this site.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

small thoughts

not big enough for their own posts:

-dumpy-looking ginger girls depress me
-the fact that dillon eats 'mechanically separated' chicken strips disturbs me
-when i went to the bank the other day there was a plaque on an office door of some bank manager named matthew fox, i thought this was hilar
-my room is either too hot when the window is closed, or too cold when the window is open. radiators suck
-i need to start doing project365. i feel like such a slacker, i gave up in june of last year. check out cristina's 365 blog and flickr
-i hate getting complained to about 'routine' - if only because the routine is so GOOD and we shouldn't mind that it IS routine
-i didn't know that microwaving leftover turkey was bad? it dried out
-i could really go for some asparagus right now

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i moved

happy new year.

i moved to windsor, roughly 25 minutes from my hometown. i live in a house by the university with 7 other people. i just got my internet earlier tonight thanks to my housemate mark.

it's another housemate's birthday, or rather, yesterday was. we're having a two-day party for jj: friday and saturday night. there'll be a keg, it'll be $10, so i'm considering just buying a few cans of creemore springs from the lcbo for like $8. dillon, being ever so clever, has come up with the idea of $10 for one night, or $15 for a 'weekend pass.'

i love this house, my friends, alex. i have seen him nearly every single day since i moved, and we're not sick of each other.

anyway my room is the biggest one in the house but it is also the most colourful, as it is a nearly blinding orange: